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Looking for good coffee machines ?

Stop going around and come join us this coming golden October to meet other industry professionals in a relaxed environment over a cup of coffee.


Here are the details:

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CINO is ready with lot of models you can chose for your kitchen, office, restaurant and café. From our best seller to the rigid double-group brewer, from the elegant combo jet to the latest prestigious stainless steel Scandinavian model, you will always find one that best suits you.


CINO as a professional manufacturer in capsule coffee machine, in order to know your requirements and let us provide you a better service, is been constantly participating in more than 30 different exhibitions around the world each year.


In the exhibition we will show new products which have the new technology and design, sometimes we will also organize seminars about capsule coffee machine manufacturing to discuss new market developments, technological information, new technical processes and products, as well as international industry trends.


Usually in the seminar, we will invite our Italian team to show the functions of our new products for the consumers and the public and you will have the chance to get some small gifts as a souvenir from our company.

Wanna know more about our exhibitions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Looking forward to your appearance.